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   Tweens & Teens

Helping to Build The Future of Young People

Providing Everything You Need

                                                                    WE BELIEVE

                                95% of students are missing key skills needed to succeed.
                                Key skills needed to succeed in their school, career & life.

                               PSYCHOTHERAPY VS LIFE COACHING

                                           Therapy will help you heal from the past while keeping your sound mental health.

                                Life Coaching invigorates you to focus on your future that will empower you to achieve your goals!

Happy Teens
Young Blogger

           Happy Times 

Tomorrow's Promise expert life coaches for teens. we use evidence-based strategies to help young people figure out

  • what they most want

  • what’s blocking them

  • how they can slay the blocks and create their dream life

Many adults want to help teens, but don’t know how. With our teen coaching, kids feel heard and understood…and excited about creating positive change.

     You are not built to do life alone.


        Build habits


        study skills.

     Thrive at School.

   15 minutes every day with a human coach.

              Want to speak to someone? Book a call.



      Help your child transform their habits


                   Their own human coach

                     Tools to build study skills

                           Daily accountability


                                  Confidence Coaching

 Our Coaching program can help just about any teenager or 20-something gain a leg up from a dose of self confidence.

It’s insightful, powerful, and fun.

In our work with tweens and other groups of teens/young adults, I have found that even the highest-functioning tweens& teens often lack confidence. In today’s highly structured and scheduled world, Tweens& Teens can get pretty far just doing what they’re told and completing tasks, so it sometimes comes as a surprise to both the student—and their parents—when they come up against a situation where deep-seated, steady confidence is needed, but it just isn’t there to be called upon. Coaches and educators frequently bring this up, and it seems as though parents are catching on.

What Causes Lack of Confidence in Teenagers/Young Adults

  • Family Environment

  • Negative Thoughts

  • Peer Pressure

  • Unrealistic Expectations with Looks

  • Poor Academic Performance

  • Drug or Alcohol Abuse

  • ***************************************************************************************************************

Let Us Help You Uplift Your Confidence!

The Confidence Coaching and Teen Prep program is the result, and I think it can help just about any teenager or 20-something. If your Teen is struggling but not in real trouble, it can help a lot. (If your Tween/Teen is in real trouble, We can help with that, too, but that requires a different approach. If your tween/teen is an über-achiever, I think you will be surprised at how injecting a dose of confidence will bring more imagination and joy to their achievements. The program is fun, insightful, and powerful, and most teens love it. It can also be something that friends can enjoy together: the program works great with small groups. Usually it only takes a few sessions to see results.

Want to know whether Confidence Coaching and Teen Prep is right for your teenager or 20-something? Give us a call or drop us a text at 443-540-8686, or use the form below to email me, and let’s talk about it.

 also many adults can benefit from Confidence Coaching as well!









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