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Perfect Imperfect Parent Coaching

TPFI- Let's me share my blueprint on 39 years of parenting skills.

  • 1 hour
  • varies
  • York Road

Service Description

Let's me share my blueprint on 39 years of parenting skills on the perfect and imperfect kids. Life as a kid can be complicated let a parent coach provide coaching to help you feel confident in your parenting skills and get or keep your kids on track and bring normal life back to your family. Learn how to love your child even when they are throwing a tantrum or arguing. Do's and Don'ts of loving past your child's behavior. You're repeating yourself a thousand times a day. You've tried timeouts, bribes, and threats to get your children to behave, but nothing works. You're not sure what to do next, and you constantly worry that it's only going to get worse. It feels like a never-ending struggle. You're ready for an outside perspective. Someone to talk to instead of relying on Google searches and advice from family. YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. Parent coaching is a completely judgment-free, confidential support to help you parent at your best - even when things are at their worst. All from the comfort of your own home via zoom or phone conference calls, in my office or a place of you're choice . A POSITIVE, PRACTICAL APPROACH TO PARENTING Straightforward, realistic strategies, backed by the latest research Calm, confident discipline (without timeouts, threats, spanking, or grounding) A focus on connection and respectful communication Perfect for caregivers with children 18 months - 12 years old LIFE-CHANGING BENEFITS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY Feel more confident in your parenting decisions. Know which strategies work (and which don't!) Build a stronger relationship with your kids. Discipline without yelling or spanking. Make and stick to your parenting goals. Have a safe place to return when things get off track. Perfectionism and parenting don't always mix. Here are 4 ways to embrace imperfection in parenting. You are able to get specific advice and strategies to help you in your own personal parenting journey. These are not generic one size fits all suggestions, you are discussing your situation and your child or children. No more comparisons, no more envy. It's time to take charge of your parenting and become the parent you want to be! Use these four posts to get you started. IT'S EASY TO GET STARTED Meetings are 1-hour in length. Get things going right in your life with expert coaching tips from a seasoned TPFI certified professional coach.

Contact Details

  • 5900 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212, USA

    (410) 540-8686

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