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This is us

Tomorrow's Promise Foundation Inc

 Our passion  is being a source of inspiration to young people. We're driven to help young people realize their full potential.  

We help inner city tweens, teens, and young adults, 8 to 36, improve their lives. 

We empower them with knowledge, building their confidence and skills, getting them back on track.

We offer one on one and group coaching in leadership skills, life skills, Career Coaching, Transformation coaching,  Webinars, educational training, and group sessions.


 We realize to help the children we must help the parents.

We offer community assistance resources to the parents of the young people we coach.
The foundation is committed to transforming the lives of people living in the inner city and giving them a sense of independence by providing workshops, conferences, offering  assistance for housing, jobs, expungements, acquiring state IDs and character development. 
We've set up some very vital programs to help achieve our goals such as the Bully to Buddy program, and the

What Now Program..

                 These programs are geared towards helping families in urban, underserved areas. This helps them excel in their various communities.    


-Together We Can All Win-


Teens's are Amazing, Witty, Funny, Intelligent, Outgoing, Talented.
It's our job to give them a 
hand up life.

Family Referrals
for Teens and Families
in Your Community

Life Coaching 
Teens, Tweens & Young Adults


Coaching is not telling people what to do; it’s giving them a chance to examine what they are doing in light of their intentions.” 

                                  – James Flaherty

Everyone desires a Life Coach
especially tweens, teens, and young adults

 celebrate, elevate, and empower youth 

Family with Tablet

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